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Ronit’s April Corner

Stay in the Zone!

WOMAN OF THE MONTH: Melissa Harvey

At Maxime Salon, we honor women from all walks of life as our Women of the Month. Sometimes they’re business owners; sometimes they’re working moms. But this month, we’re proud to present Melissa Harvey, one of our very own colorists at Maxime Salon, who is running the Boston Marathon in only a few weeks. It’s … Continue reading

Ronit’s Travel Secrets!

Planning a vacation for early summer? Book now for the best prices and peace of mind! These three links are always bookmarked on Ronit’s computer– whether you’re traveling with or without kids, these are great places to look for great deals and great vacations!     Love the Carribean? You can’t go wrong with LuxuryLink– … Continue reading

Hair Issues? It could be your thyroid!

Have you experienced hair loss or significant breakage recently? It could be hormonally induced from a thyroid that’s not functioning correctly. Women are more likely to have thyroid issues than men– actually, more than 13 million Americans may have a thyroid disease (including Maxime Salon’s own Ronit and Katie), and several go undiagnosed and untreated. … Continue reading

DIY Soft Chignon

For this easy look, don’t be overwhelmed trying to keep every hair in place. Part of its charm is that the hair falls gently around the face, bangs aren’t restricted and pinned away, and while you look polished and done, your beauty seems natural and effortless. Here’s how to do it: Make a ponytail right … Continue reading